Become one with Nature


BASE CAMP was created in 2001 by the mountaineering instructor & mountain guide Panagiotis Kotronaros, with the aim of bringing city people closer to mountains, action, and adventure, through training and organized mountaineering expeditions and exploration trips.
The name “Basecamp” is inspired by the company founder’s many years of involvement in planning, organizing, and conducting mountaineering expeditions in the great mountain ranges of our planet, including the first successful Greek expedition to the highest peak in the world in May 2004. Base Camp is always thought of as the “promised land” by high altitude climbers, as it is a focal point from where every attempt to climb the peaks starts and, most importantly, ends.


Our vision is to contribute in our own way, through our experience and knowledge, to the personal development of every fellow human being who takes part or watches our actions. We focus on inspiring and empowering people in their effort to conquer their own summits and goals, from 0 to 8,848m, while giving them the opportunity to discover the beauties of our planet, identify with nature, listen to it and protect it.


Through the methodically structured educational programs of the Panhellenic School of Mountaineering and Climbing, each student can acquire the knowledge and skills for mountaineering and climbing activities, from the level of an amateur hobbyist to a professional instructor. 

The organizational structure of the system of the Panhellenic Mountaineering School is based on international standards that have been successfully applied for many years on a global scale, in other activities (eg the PADI system for underwater diving). The mountaineering experience and the 25-year educational experience of the leader of the first successful Greek expedition to Everest, Panagiotis Kotronaros, is encapsulated and passed on through this meticulously organized educational system.


Travel agency BASECAMP TRAVEL is addressed to all nature and adventure lovers, who prefer to explore new destinations as travelers rather than tourists. It is also the go-to agency for climbers who seek the unique opportunity of living at the pace of a highly organized mountaineering expedition in great mountain ranges across the globe, under the supervision and guidance of Greek and foreign mountain guides.


In any outdoor activity, the right equipment is one of the most important safety factors that will ensure that you will enjoy your favorite activities, but also the educational programs of your choice. BASECAMP TECH also operates a department for testing and certifying the suitability of climbing equipment for high-altitude work based on the highest international standards.


Our many years of mountaineering, educational and business activities are gathered, through BASECAMP PUBLICATIONS, in print and electronic publications with the aim of relaying knowledge and inspiration to the next generations. This way, they will identify with nature, listen to it, protect it and create a better tomorrow.

The Panhellenic School of Mountaineering and Climbing is a four-season journey into the magical world of rivers, ancient forests, and breathtaking mountain peaks. The mountains shapes you, make you a better person and help you discover your true character.

Momtsis Konstantinos

Knowledge, unique experiences, contact with Nature and a new perspective of the world and the value of mountains. This is the Panhellenic Mountaineering and Climbing School and the opportunity you are given to get to know our beautiful world through Basecamp’s mountaineering expeditions.

Thanos Margaritis